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Wojciech Lipiński


Here are the websites of tutors I was honouredto work with:

This is the website of the man who created "Ponticello" – most convenient guitar support which enables to sit upright, and which I always use the my classical music solo performances .

This website is dedicated to looping, recording and playing live newly created music. Looping enables improvising to self-recorded background. A variety of tests and suggestions regarding music gear.

Informative portal for classical guitar fans. The latest news of guitar concert all over the world are available and constantly updated, interesting interviews, lutists addresses.



The foundation which holds many interesting culture events. Thanks to their help I performed a concert in the Łódź Cathedral on November 21, 2007.

European Culture Centre "Logos" in Łódź operates at the Church of Creative Communities and cherishes our cultural identity in Europe, organizes numerous high quality cultural events such as concerts, performances, exhibitions.

The "Logos" theatre is led by rev. Waldemar Sondka, who is also director of the Christian Culture Festival.


Here is the website of Jakub and Joanna Garbacz – excellent musicians: Jakub is an organist and Joanna is a flutist

Grażyna Auguścik, magnificent original singer, led jazz workshops my wife took part in in Cracow.

Maciek Strzelczyk is a jazz violinist who participated in our jazz band “Jazz in an Action Shot”

Here are the websites of our friends and amazing guitar players, who organize brilliant festivals or guitar courses.

The website of the choir led and conducted by Ewa Robak, with whom I was honoured to perform.


The website of a unique guitar event held in Karpacz in winter, organized by Łukasz Pietrzak. "Gitaromania" defies any classification of the critics.


This is the website of Godin company, which produces incredible guitar with a metal or a nylon string, which in turn can adjust the synthesizers sounds. I use such a guitar at the jazz gigs.

„Frame” denotes an original idea for a guitar with nylon strings. It might also be used together with the guitar synthesizer.

The website of “Estrada i Studio" magazine – a source of my knowledge on recording and amplifying equipment

The website of the Institute of Music Education where I work as an assistant

The website of State Music School in Kielce

Fantastic guitars, excellent lutenists.